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Just a quick email to introduce the Barnardo's Sefton SENDIAS Service. Sefton SENDIASS offer a wide range of advice and support around various topics relating to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) for children and young people aged 0-25 living in the Sefton Area District and their families.
Please see the attached leaflet (at the bottom of this page) which contains some further information about what we do and how we can help.
If you would like to get in touch. Please contact us via:
Telephone Number – 0333 323 8003
Many thanks,
Barnardo's Sefton SENDIASS
SEND IASS is a free, confidential and impartial service. We will not share your information with anybody, the only exception to this is if you tell us there is a risk of harm to yourself or anybody else we may need to share that information with a third party, but will always try to speak to you first about this.

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Sefton Emotional Wellbeing Toolkit

Dear Newfield School,

I hope that you are well.

We are contacting you to let you know about a new telephone support line. It is available to anyone aged 16+, therefore although this is not applicable to many of your students, staff and parents may benefit from this support, for those who are experiencing stress, worry, and/or low mood as a result of the Covid-19 situation. It is open to both the general public and NHS staff, who may be feeling overwhelmed.

We have attached two information posters about the support line; to let people know about this new service. One of the posters uses an accessible information format, suitable for those with learning disabilities. These could be placed in your workplace, for either your staff and/or the general public to view it. The posters could also be emailed to staff or other interested parties.

The support line is staffed by the Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust and is available 8.00am to 8.00pm every day; providing:

  • A listening ear.
  • A chance to share how you’re feeling.
  • It can offer information, self-help materials and signposting toward other helpful services and organisations. 

Please note this is not an emergency line, if someone is in need of urgent support they should ring the 24/7 urgent mental health support line on 0151 296 7200.

If you have any queries about the support line, please do not hesitate to contact me or contact:

Dr Frank Chapman (Consultant Clinical Psychologist),

Email: [email protected].

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

Jessica Deol,

Trainee Clinical Psychologist.

 Save a life, take the free suicide prevention training - accessible to all.

Anna Freud Centre

This is a new resource from Anna Freud created by young people for children and young people. Have a look and signpost your pupils to it.

Ten Steps Towards Staff Well Being

ADDvanced Solutions

ADDvanced Solutions:

Community Network

ADDvanced Solutions Community Network encourages, equips and empowers children, young people and their families living with neurodevelopmental conditions, learning difficulties and associated mental health needs. Our engaging, community-based, learning, coaching and mentoring programmes will help you and your family to better recognise, understand and meet your individual needs, enabling you to manage the day to day challenges.

Click on this link for more information

Alder Hey

Alder Hey Hospital

CAMHS covid-19 info

BBC Action Line

If you have also been affected by self-harm, organisations listed on our Self-Harm support page may be able to help.

You can find current information and support for issues covered by Action Line on the BBC Action Line website.


Liverpool Specialist CAMHS (Alder Hey Childrens NHS Foundation Trust)

Liverpool Specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) is a service for children/young people (aged 0-18) and their families/carers who are struggling with how they are feeling, thinking or the way they are doing things.

We especially help those whose difficulties are getting in the way of being able to manage everyday life and relationships. Office line: All referrals to this service come through the Single Point of Access (0151 293 3662).  If you are already known to us our numbers are: Seymour House (0151 707 0101)  and Rose Hill House (0151 724 6872)

Free phone advice line:

Office line: 0151 293 3662




CAMHS Support - COVID 19

Parent and Carer Training Opportunities

Charlie Waller Memorial Trust

About us

Our vision is of a world where people understand and talk openly about depression, where young people know how to maintain wellbeing, and where the most appropriate treatment is available to everyone who needs it.

The Trust was set up in 1997 in memory of Charlie Waller, a young man who took his own life whilst suffering from depression. Shortly after his death, his family founded the Trust in order to educate young people on the importance of staying mentally well and how to do so.

“Because CWMT grew out of the love of family and friends for the much missed Charlie Waller, it has by definition a totally holistic approach to mental health."

Alexander Armstrong, CWMT Patron

CWMT PRIMARY Wellbeing Challenge Pack 2020

CWMT SECONDARY Wellbeing Challenge Pack 2020

CWMT Coping with Low Mood

CWMT Well Being Action Plan


Childline is yours – a free, private and confidential service where you can talk about anything. Click here for more information.

We're here for you, whatever's on your mind. We'll support you. Guide you. Help you make decisions that are right for you. Our tips and techniques, ideas and inspiration, can help you feel more in control. And you can access them in your own time, at your own pace!

ChildLine (0800 1111)

Important update: Because of the coronavirus, we’ve had to make some changes to how Childline works. For now, you can only speak to a Childline counsellor online or on the phone from 9am – midnight. 

Click here for more information on this.

Children’s Mental Health Week

The next Children's Mental Health Week will take place from 7-13 February 2022.

Click here for more information.

Set up by children’s mental health charity Place2Be, the week shines a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health. 

The Children's Society

Right now in Britain there are children and young people who feel scared, unloved and unable to cope. The Children’s Society works with these young people, step by step, for as long as it takes.

We listen. We support. We act.

There are no simple answers so we work with others to tackle complex problems. Only together can we make a difference to the lives of children now and in the future. Because no child should feel alone. 

Click here for ways to help you to cope with possible loneliness, during this time of Social Isolation. 

Community Advice & Listening Line

Community Advice & Listening Line offers emotional support and information on mental health and related matters to people in Wales.

Phone: 0800 132 737 (24/7) or text "help" to 81066

Visit the Community Advice & Listening Line website

Isabella Trust

Click here to go to thier website


Inspire (Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health) provides local services to support the mental health and wellbeing of people across Northern Ireland.

Phone: 028 9032 8474

Visit the Inspire website


Kooth is a service for young people aged 11-18 that  offers online counselling to Sefton pupils. They have  provided the following video to explain their service and how to use it:

Kooth - Free, safe and anonymous online support for young people from Kooth on Vimeo.

Their service is operating as normal and they are providing support, advice and guidance on COVID-19 for all  young people. They also have the capacity to continue operating if they get an influx of young people signing up.

We have been asked to include ( onto the school website and school social media platforms to  promote them as much as we can.

Sophie Carr from Kooth- who delivered  training to our staff  in January is leaving. Her colleague  Emily Hawley who has worked in Sefton before will be taking over from her. Further information below, or click here.

How to sign up to Kooth

Kooth screenad

Mental Health Foundation

Mental Health Foundation

Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health A - Z


Mind provides advice and support on a range of topics including types of mental health problem, legislation and details of local help and support in England and Wales.

Phone: 0300 123 3393 (weekdays 9am - 6pm)

Visit the Mind website

NHS Choices

Awaiting more info


Visit the NSPCC webiste

PDA Society

What is PDA?

PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) is widely understood to be a profile on the autism spectrum. PDA individuals share characteristics with others on the spectrum and also have a distinct cluster of additional traits.

The distinctive features of a PDA profile of autism are:

  • resisting and avoiding the ordinary demands of life – the key words here are ‘ordinary demands’, so this might include getting up, getting dressed, eating a meal or washing. Significantly, it includes things that someone might want to do/enjoy.
  • using ‘social’ strategies as part of the avoidance – this means not just saying no, withdrawing, shutting down or running away, but a variety of avoidance approaches including distraction, making excuses, physical incapacitation, withdrawing into fantasy, procrastination, controlling, reducing meaningful conversation or masking.
  • appearing sociable, but lacking some understanding – meaning that individuals may appear more sociably ‘able’ than one might expect (with, for instance, more ‘socially accepted’ eye contact or conversational skills) but that this may mask underlying differences/difficulties in social interaction (for instance, not seeing any difference between themselves and an authority figure) and communication (for instance, whilst an individual may be very articulate, their understanding of others may not be so robust).
  • experiencing intense emotions and mood swings – meaning difficulties with emotional regulation, rapid mood swings, impulsiveness and unpredictability.
  • comfortable in role play, pretence & fantasy – this can sometimes be to an extreme extent with other personas (be that a person or an animal) being adopted for a prolonged period of time. The line between fantasy and reality can sometimes become blurred.
  • focusing intently, often on other people – with PDA, “repetitive or restrictive interests” are often social in nature, relating to real or fictional people
    a need for control which is often anxiety related. 

In addition, with PDA, we know that individuals are unlikely to respond to conventional approaches.

For more information go to

Place 2Be

Place2Be is the UK's leading children's mental health charity providing in-school support and expert training to improve the emotional wellbeing of pupils, families, teachers and school staff.

Click here for more information.


Click here to go to the website

Around since 1923, SAMH is Scotland’s national mental health charity. Today, in over 60 communities we work with adults and young people providing mental health social care support, services in primary care, schools and further education, among others. These services together with our national programme work in See Me, respectme, suicide prevention and active living; inform our policy and campaign work to influence positive social change.


Cick here to go to the website

Meeting the challenge of mental illness We believe that no-one affected by mental illness should face crisis, distress or despair completely alone.

Shine Therapy

SHINE THERAPY SERVICES is an independent consultancy offering occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and sensory integration therapy for children and young people.


Rethink Mental Illness

Rethink Mental Illness advice offers practical help and information for anyone affected by mental illness on a wide range of topics such as The Mental Health Act, living with mental illness, medication and care.

Phone 0300 5000 927 (Mon-Fri 9.30am-4pm)

Visit the Rethink Mental Illness website for advice and information

Young Minds

Young Minds is the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. Driven by their experiences we campaign, research and influence policy and practice. 

We champion children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing across the UK. Driven by their experience we create change so that children and young people can cope with life’s adversities, find help when needed and succeed in life.

Our Goals

To keep ourselves focused and on track, we’ve set out 4 key strategic aims:

  • Foster innovation to meet the needs of vulnerable and excluded children and young people.
  • Promote good mental health to more children and young people than ever before.
  • Champion the voices of young people and parents to influence mental health policy and practice.
  • Inspire excellence to achieve transformed, integrated services

Click here for more information.

Venus Centre

Awaiting further info


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