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The Careers Department at Newfield School aims to provide pupils with the knowledge, skills and self-awareness to inform the decisions they are making as they plan their future life. Parents and Carers are encouraged to participate in their children’s career planning and it is planned to give full access to the online resources that are used by the school.

For the majority of Newfield pupils most will go on to Sixth Form Education, choosing courses and sixth form education providers that are suitable to their academic abilities and aspirations.

We offer information and advice at the key decision points of year 9, when the GCSE choices are made, and in year 11 when study choices and routes are considered. The subject choices made in year 9 inevitably have a significant influence on decisions about future career pathways and university entrance. The pupils are encouraged to research and evaluate the information available to them so that they choose to follow an appropriate route which will lead to their chosen career.

Careers Adviser:

Careers advice is available from Mr Charlie Smith, our Connexions adviser, who is also on hand to offer advice and support and attends many annual reviews. Tel: 0800 100 900

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