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Sefton Schools say #kNOwKnifeCrime

As a school we are always looking for opportunities and ways to educate our pupils on how to keep themselves safe. We have decided to team up with #kNOwKnifeCrime campaign and London Marathon 2024 and we will be fundraising for bleeding control kits and cabinets for outside our schools in Sefton.
We will be having a mini marathon event in our school the week of 15th April 2024 where all pupils will participate in running 2.6 miles in our school grounds. For participating in this event all children will receive a London mini marathon certificate and our school will receive a trophy.

On Wednesday 17th April representatives from each school ran a relay event passing on a bleed control kit to the next nearest school. This is to demonstrate how we are working together to keep our communities safe and how we want our localities well resourced in the event someone is in need of medical assistance.

If you would like to sponsor us please click on the correct ‘Team member’ for your locality or local school listed (our team cluster is The CAPITAL schools learning cluster) or simply sponsor this page to help all schools achieve their overall fundraising target. Thank you!

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