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Art and Design is a very creative department which gives all pupils the chance to push the boundaries of their learning within a wide range of projects and cross curricular activities. We use a range of materials and techniques expanding pupils understanding of processes, techniques and imagination. Pupils have a weekly Art lesson increasing to 3 lessons at GCSE level.

Art supports THE ARTS across all sujects putting creativity at the heart of learning, we are currently in the process of attaining our full Artsmark. Pupils are embracing our Artsmark journey and the wider curriculum it offers with diverse visiting artists, plays, poets and projects curently being accessed. In 2023 we have already booked a paint specialist several plays and science globe where pupils can immerse themselves visually in the science world. Pupils have started forming an Arts Council to explore the opportunities within the Arts further and what it can mean for their future curriculum learning and how they can input their ideas. The benefits from taking part in such a diverse Arts curriculum is already improving pupils Art skills and creative thinking and I look forward to seeing how this grows in 2023. 

Art and Design GCSE is a strong successful GCSE within Newfield School, all pupils who have completed in recent years achieving very good levels with some pupils moving onto Art focused college course. The GCSE is done in KS4 and is split into two parts for marking with coursework being  60% and the exam paper 40% 

Careers in Art and the Arts is explained and  understood with visits to museums, local community, creative projects, competitions  and galleries as part of curriculum learning especially at GCSE level. Visiting practitioners give pupils the chance to engage and discuss careers further understanding how they have built up their career paths. 

Art has an open door approach to the therapeutic side of art and encourages pupils to engage to relieve stress and anxiety. 

We have had a great year in the Art department and across the Arts in school as we embedded artsmark award learning accross the whole curriculum. Pupils have benefited from a large range of arts led activities, workshops which have been enhancing exciting and engaging. We have watched pupils taking more ownership of discussion about how we move the creative curriculum forward, exploring their use of speaking and listening in the process. 

GCSE has had a very successful year with 7 pupils taking final exam and entered for whole GCSE all with predicted very good levels. Lower school have flourished showing great effort and enthusiam for all things art, it has been a joy to watch the lovely work being produced. 

As a department I am delighted to announce that all our hard work the last two years to gain an artsmark acredditation has been recognised and we have attained a Gold standard Artsmark award. The pupils and staff of Newfield have benefited from new and exciting ways of working and more diverse approach for pupils to learn. We have had many diverse arts practictioners in school allowing pupils to immerse themselves in new and exciting experiences. This is still a priority within the Arts and we aim to continue building on this amazing Gold Standard sharing good practice within our school and larger community. 




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