Learning Mentors


Here at Newfield our Learning Mentors are Mr Carragher and Miss Pam Robinson

The Learning Mentor role is to support children and families in overcoming their challenges and barriers to effective learning, enabling children to engage and be ready to learn.  The majority of our work falls within the area of  Social, Emotional Mental Health aspects of learning.  We actively promote, model and support all things in realation to emotional wellbeing.

What is a Leaning Mentor?

Our job is to work with children, parents, carers, teachers and other agencies on issues that may be affecting your child's learning.  We  work alongside school staff to support children, parents and carers.

How can we help?

We may be part of your child's support network at school, helping with :

Puncutuality and attendance

Changes in behaviour

Difficulties in developing and maintaining frienships

Low self esteem and cnfidence

Settling in new children

Supporting children on transitioning from their mainstream setting to Newfield and hroughout their Newfield School journey

Supporting parens/carers with routines and managing behaviours at home

Point of contact for parents




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