ASD and You

Referral Guidance to Access ASD and You Workshop:

ASD and You is a free session for young people who have a diagnosis of Autism/ASD.

The workshop will be run online, via the platform Zoom and will be a one-off 2hr session.

We will be aiming to support young people within the age categories of 11-14 years and 15-18 years. 

The session aims to give young people more information about ASD, to give them time and space to think about what the diagnosis means for them and to give them the opportunity to meet other young people who also have a diagnosis of ASD.

Please submit this form electronically by saving it into a PDF format and emailing it to our ASD Admin Team: [email protected]

If this form is being completed by a professional, please ensure it is completed in partnership with the young person’s parent or carer.

For further guidance on completing this form or for further information about the course, please email: [email protected] or check our website:

Upon review of the referral form, we will contact you to book the young person on to the next available workshop.

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