Arts Mark

Gold Standard Arts Mark achieved!


School leaders and governors at Newfield School are deeply committed to the Arts, and understand their value in successfully engaging and inspiring their pupils'

We are delighted to announce that all our hard work the last two years has led to the amazing attainment of a Gold Standard Artsmark Award. The pupils and staff of Newfield  benefited from new exciting ways of working with a more diverse approach, allowing the arts to flow into the whole curriculum. Throughout this journey pupils have shown enthusiasm and excitement at all the new opportunities especially the many visiting Arts practitioners, plays, spoken word and science globe that visited school allowing pupils to immerse themselves in space. We look forward to developing this area even further in the future. 



The arts are all around you as soon as you enter Newfield School. We have strong
departments that deliver a diverse curriculum, cultural provision while linking to other

The nature of Newfield School and the cohort of pupils give an extra importance to
the Arts and the importance of them being embedded at the heart of Newfield school
curriculum. From this pupils benefit greatly from a creative diverse curriculum that
embraces many forms of the arts and it is understood the Arts are not just within Arts
based classrooms but considered in all core subjects.

The creative side of the brain is exercised at every opportunity within cross curricular
projects and extension projects. We work with a wide range of needs, age range and
disabilities and a highly creative innovative curriculum gives all pupils the chance to
engage, enhance, and develop their work in ways that are new and exciting for them.
The Arts within our school gives pupils new perspective to ways of working that
helps them engage in school in ways they had not done before. Through this they
gain the possibility to achieve GCSE results within Music and Art, develop DT and
multimedia skills and bring creativity into all subjects to support learning in a way that
is more direct and accessible. A more creative approach to curriculum, learning,
processes and imagination expands pupil’s minds and outcomes building up

We understand the importance of academic subjects at the core of the curriculum
while working on new and creative ways to reach our pupils so they find the
curriculum more exciting, interesting and accessible to less academic learners.
Improving confidence and mental wellbeing is at the core of our learning and we are
creative in how we do this. The Arts supports and underpins the above giving pupils
the space and time to find techniques that work for them. Artsmark school Council
will underpin this further giving pupil voice the chance to feed into ideas for school
planning for Artmark, how to sustain, how to build on and how to evaluate benefits.
All of this will be overseen by SLT and a school Governor to support changes and

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