At Newfield School we believe that Spiritual, Moral, Social and Culutural (SMSC) development of our pupils' underpins all our work. The promotion of positive values is rigorous within school with the elements of each strand developed through the aims and values of the school. All individuals are valued equally and an appreciation of respect  for their own and others's beliefs, culture and identity are developed.

It is our intention to provide pupils with a range of exciting learning opportunities, both in and outside the classroom. Not only will pupils learn different things, but they will learn in many different ways: through play, in small groups, through art, music and sport, from each other and from adults other than teachers.

We follow the Department for Education (DoE) My Activity Passport. Through this passport and our broard and balanced curriculum we provide the spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning for our children. All of this enables them to develop the attitude and skills necessary to grow into responsible, happy and productive individuals and citizens.  



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