School Meals

Why eat lunch?

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is important for everyone, but children in particular need to receive all of the necessary nutrients for growth and development. A healthy diet and regular physical activity can stabilise energy, sharpen the mind and improve mood - allowing children to maximise their potential both inside and outside of school. The good news - it doesn't have to be difficult either...

At Newfield school every pupil and student has the opportunity to either have a school dinner or to bring in their own packed lunch. Have a look at our menus to give you an idea of what you could choose from. Our meals are on a 3 week rota which is fantastic, (open up the menu below) because it means there is something new to look forward to every day.

Packed Lunch Ideas

Click here for some great tips on school lunch boxes, meal plans for at home and ideas on how to stay active.

Healthy Eating

Why eat lunch? Click here for more information 

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