School Community

Partner Schools

We work with a range of schools across the Sefton area. The support that Newfield School provides to schools is varied. Likewise we welcome support from our partner schools to enhance or improve the work we do.

  • Early Career Teacher support
  • Behaviour management training
  • Support for individual pupils
  • Funding
  • Visits to Newfield
  • Community events
  • Transition
  • Teaching and Learning to support the delivery of the curriculum
  • CPD for all staff.

 It is really rewarding working together to develop teaching strategies to support pupil’s behaviour.

Reintegration / Transition.

When pupils are transitioning from a mainstream setting to Newfield School it is vital that the process is clear so pupils and their families feel safe and supported. We offer most pupils a transition period from their school liaising with teachers and external contacts.

Our reintegration project plays a major role in helping pupils to have positive experiences of lessons and activities in mainstream schools. Throughout the year, pupils have the opportunity to aim to transfer to a mainstream school on a full time basis or for part time modules.

If you are interested in your child considering a reintegration opportunity, please get in touch with Mr Whelan who will be happy to chat with you regarding the reintegration process.

Community Partners

The list of below is every changing as we welcome support from all of our community partners. We aim to reciprocate this support wherever we can do.

  • The Plaza Cinema
  • Sefton Community pantry (Lynn Higgins)
  • Steve Morgan Foundation
  • Sefton Women’s and Children’s Aid (SWACA),
  • Liverpool Hope University and Edge Hill University Edge Hill.
  • Community Health – Carolyn Roberts (School Nurse)
  • SPACE – (Sefton Performing Arts Creative Education)
  • Isabella Trust
  • ADHD Foundation
  • Charlie Waller Trust
  • Connexions
  • Educ8 – providing alternative curriculum to our pupils 

It is really rewarding working together with our partners to develop a greater understanding of the nature of our pupils.

Local Community:

 Our pupils and families are supported by external organisations within the community. We are very grateful to have them support some of our vulnerable groups.

Twice Yearly Primark offers the school the chance to visit out of hours and allows us to spend in the region on £1000. Any pupil who has 95% attendance or above receive a ‘goody bag’ from Primark.

Lynn Higgins who runs a Sefton Community Hub in Seaforth provides termly food hampers to our families. These are sent out to our most vulnerable families who maybe reliant on food banks.

We are forever grateful for the community support that both of these businesses offer.

Local Businesses

During our careers work, we have established links to Mersey travel Costa Coffee, local building firms, Police, Ford all who have kindly worked with our pupils to provide work experience, advice on job interviews, applications and their chosen careers.  In some cases these businesses have offered extended work experience for some of our pupils, which is greatly appreciated.

This experience is invaluable to our pupils and enables them to make an informed decision about their chosen career programme.

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