Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh is a widely recognised award for children and young adults from age 14 to 25. In year 10 and 11 our students work towards the Bronze level and can go on to do the Silver and Gold if they wish to, once they leave Newfield.

The Duke of Edinburgh is all about commitment and this is shown through three areas of which two have to be undertaken for 12 weeks each and the third for 24 weeks. The units are:

  • Voluntary – this is where the students give something back to the community. It can be the school community, the local community where they live or a wider based one such as fund raising for a charity.
  • Skill – this is where the students undertake to learn something new or to improve in a task they have already started.
  • Physical – this is where the students take part in a physical activity.

All three areas have a goal to work towards.

The final part of the award is the Expedition, which involves two days of activity either side of an overnight camp. This has proven so far to be the activity that most students look forward to.

For more information on the Duke of Edinburgh please click here


Year 10

The four units required (physical, volunteer, skill and expedition) will be broken up into the following half termly manner:


DofE Y10 Schedule .png


During the Autumn 22 term, students completed the first half of the physical unit. This involved participating in either golf or cycling (activity dependant on class). Golf activities included putting and driving practise down at the local golf club in Formby. Cycling included riding local multi terrain routes of up to 8 miles. 


This first Spring 23 half term we plan to continue with the two activities. Golf will attend Formby Golf Club, and cycling will complete more rides from local parks such as Sefton Park and Croxteth Country Park.


For cycling students are welcome to bring in their own bikes and safety equipment. These will be required on a Monday afternoon, on a weekly basis


Year 11

Year 11 are onto their final unit of the award. This Spring 23 term they will complete the skill unit. Once the skill unit is completed students will recieve their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award.


DofE Y11 Schedule .png



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