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There are many musical and talented students across both Lower and Upper School here at Newfield.  We have a busy music department with lots of extra-curricular activities taking place throughout the year to support learning and personal development. 

Congratulations to our students who achieved Entry Level 3 Explore Arts Award or Level 1 Bronze Arts Award in Music in December.



This half term, pupils in mixed Years 3, 4 and 5 class will be studying Chinese music.  Years 3 and 4 will be working towards a Discover Arts Award in Music and Year 5 will start working towards an Explore award.


Year 6 pupils will be studying exploring musicians and music organsations as part of their Explore Entry Level 3 Arts Award in Music.


Year 7 will be learning about the orchestra and fanfares through listening and composing.  Congratulations to everyone for successfully completing the Explore Entry Level 3 Arts Award in Music. 


Year 8 will be studying theme and variations and composing a set of variations based on the Frere Jacques melody.  They will be be working towards the Level 1 Bronze Arts Award in Music. 


Year 9 students will be developing their composition skills by exploring film music and composing a music soundtrack for an action film trailer using technology.  They will be working towards the completion of Level 1 Bronze Arts Award in Music.


Year 10 music students are studying the GCSE Music course.  They will be working on developing their practical skills in performance and composition in addition to an in depth study of the elements of music though unfamilar music.


Year 11 Students are following a range of pathways according to their personal needs.  The pathways within the year group are GCSE Music and Level 2 Silver Arts Award in Music.  


Students across upper and lower school can take instrumental lessons in addition to learning keyboard, drums/percussion and singing in class.  Some of our older children are also studying a second instrument.  Currently we have additional piano, guitar, drums and singing lessons available.  Should you require advice on learning, purchasing or loaning an instrument please make contact with school.



Miss Paterson (Music Coordinator)

Mrs White (Primary Music)

Mr Follin (Peri drums)

Miss Jones (Peri singing and guitar)



  • DJ Skills Workshops - (Continuing again this spring term)
  • Music Production Workshops - (Spring term)
  • Liverpool Philharmonic Schools Concert (March 2024)
  • Summer concert - (July 2024, Date TBC)


Arrangements for any performances will be sent out in next term.  We look forward to seeing you soon.


Miss Paterson

Music Coordinator


Equality and Diversity Concert

Diversity rehearsal all.JPG


SKY SEND Schools Project at SPACE

SPACE 2023 Workshop 1c.JPG

SPACE rehearsal.jpg

LIghting at SPACE.JPG





























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