Secondary School English

'The more that you read, the more things you will know. 

The more that you learn the more places you’ll go.’ Dr Seuss

English in the Secondary Department:

Here at Newfield we love reading and we want you to love it too. During your time studying with us you will be introduced to larger-than-life characters, go on adventures to distant lands, solve crimes, travel through time and learn about friendship, life, love and loss – all from the pages of books and in the comfort of your own classroom. 

You will learn about how writers use language to affect and influence the reader.  You will explore what makes characters act in certain ways.  You will learn how to use these techniques in your own writing - you can show off your skills in the weekly Writing Challenge!

You’ll also be improving your life skills.  Good literacy skills – being able to read, write and communicate clearly and effectively – are vital if you want to succeed in college and get a good job.


To support your learning at home and your overall curriculum, please have a look at the following for this subject. If you need any further support or advice remember you can email and staff will reply to you, or phone you, to help you further. 

Keep up your good work - we are proud of you and are here to support you.

For more information on the exams and for ways to support your learning, please look at the following:


Comprehension Challenge

Vocabulary Challenge

Visit the Online Etymology Dictionary website at

Type each of the following words into the search bar and then write down the definition (meaning) of the word and its history.











I have done the first one for you:

Pandemic means of diseases ‘incident to a whole people or region’. History: 1600s, from Latin pandemus and Greek pandemos.

Year 7 – choose one word from the list and write it in a sentence.

Year 8 - choose two words from the list and write each one in a sentence (two sentences!)

Year 9 - choose three words from the list and write each one in a sentence (three sentences!)

Good luck.

Writing Challenge

The Stranger


Medics ideas to help you


What you will study:

We offer a variety of pathways to accreditation in English here at Newfield, from Entry Level Certificate and Functional English to GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature.

Entry Level Certificate (ELC):

The ELC will help you develop your knowledge, understanding and skills in English. This course can provide a stepping stone to the GCSE.

Functional English Level 1 / Level 2:

A qualification in Functional English will provide you with the skills and understanding you need to use and apply English in everyday life, from locating information to writing letters for a variety of real-life purposes.

GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature

The KS4 curriculum will give you a solid foundation in the skills you need to succeed in your GCSE English exams.  We follow the Eduqas syllabus.  There are two exams for each GCSE course.

KS4 Subject Support

Functional Skills English

GCSE English Language

GCSE English Literature

A Christmas Carol

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