World Reimagined

We have been awarded a busary to be part of the World Reimagined INSPIRE programme. The world Reimagined is a groundbreaking art education project to transform how we understand the transatlantic slave trade. We are living in a key moment for changes within racial justice this project will help educate all of us to corageously face our shared history with honesty, empathy and grace.

Some pupils will get the chance to visit the Maritime museum during the project to attend education sessions and exhibitions. As part of the project we will be recieving a large globe to decorate about the theme and how we have learnt from it within our school.

The globe will be displayed locally (location to be decided) during the summer. The project will take us through to Black history month later in the year, the pupils will gain a lot of knowledge and understanding from this great project and we look forward to showing you the results through art, knowledge, music and dance. 

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