How is Careers taught in Newfield School?

Career lessons are taught throughout years 7 - 11. It is a timetabled subject every week, where students are progressively taught a range of areas helping to progress them towards their future lives. 

Year 9...

Pupils take the responsibility for choosing their GCSE options. They are encouraged to seek information about the courses that are offered from teachers, careers literature in both traditional and web-based format and current pupils. The GCSEs that are chosen can have a direct impact on their future pathways and the pupils are encouraged to make informed choices.

Year 10... 

Pupils receive information on the pathways that are available to them as they consider their future employment/education post Newfield. They also attend work experience

Year 11...

Decisions have to be taken that will shape their future career path. The pupils receive information, support and guidance to inform their decision making to help them choose the appropriate pathway beyond Newfield. Pupils are encouraged to visit the local providers of sixth form education and application is made for a place at the institution of choice. They also attend work experience.

Did you know?

You  are required by the government to participate in education, training or employment until after age 16. This means this site and all the Careers information that we offer, is vital to help you make informed choices about where you want to go next.   Aim high!


If you do not achieve English and Mathematics GCSEs (A* to C) by the end of Year 11, you must continue studying this until age 19.

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