Design Technology

Design Technology gives the pupils the opportunity to learn new skills for life, whether it be learning about different foods and how to cook them or working with tools and machinery to make different projects in a variety of materials.

Along with this is learning how to do practical things safely. Pupils will learn about safety in the workshop and the kitchen, including how to use tools correctly from scissors in KS1 to chisels in KS3. They will produce their own simple designs for a given brief and specification, before applying what they learn to create their design.

Design Technology helps develop independence and gives the satisfactory feeling of producing something yourself.


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National Curriculum - Design and Technology Key stage 1 and Key Stage 2

National Curriculum - Design and Technology Key Stage 3

DT Projects

  • Design and make an obstacle course in your house or garden
  • Build a den. Find somewhere cosy to create a secret den where you can snuggle up and read your favourite book or play some games
  • Get building! You could build a Lego model such as a house, bridge or animal, a tower of playing cards or something else!
  • How many different materials can you find around your house?
  • Make puppets for the characters from your favourite fairy tale.
  • Draw a map of your local area.
  • Treasure hunt… Make some clues/ hide a favourite toy somewhere in the house
  • Plant a seed. Take care of it and watch it grow. Keep a seed diary!
  • Use a pencil. How many different marks and lines can you make?
  • Make finger / sock puppets
  • Make up a board game and play it.

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