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Pupils have returned to school vibrant, creative and ready to learn.

The last few years have been disjointed and difficult at times but pupils have risen to challenge and on the whole completed projects to a good standard, keeping up to date and artistic.

GCSE worked around issues with no set exam in 2021 showing dedication to complete fantastic portfolios of work to back up great final results. All pupils achieved good GCSE standard grades and we are extremely proud at Newfield the results they gained after such a difficult key stage 4. Some work they completed is shown below and it really does have the WOW factor with Robert Conway commended by Sefton Young Artist of the Year for his wonderful piece Plague.

Key stage 2 have been working on portrait understanding, starting Newfield yearly portraits and artist understanding which progresses through years culminating in fabulous detailed tonal portraits at GCSE level. Their work is showing a real depth of artistic understanding and has some lovely budding artists in the Primary.

Key stages 3 have been working on a variety of projects from posters for an event, pattern design to understanding pop art, colour and using artist influence to create 3D funky food plates inspired by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

GCSE are returning to normal procedures this completing their portfolios of work ready for Exam papers in 2022. I am immensely proud of how creative they have been throughout the course and how they have worked around 2021 barriers to complete some amazing competent work showing maturity and understanding of work needed to reach grades desired.

I am excited to see how all pupils develop work with lots of new pupils who are showing a lot of good skills in the subject with many potential future GCSE candidates developing throughout school.

‘Art is the uniting of the subjective with the objective, of nature with reason, of the unconscious with the conscious, and therefore art is the highest means of knowledge’

Leo Tolstoy

Onwards and Upwards

Miss Stone - Art and Design


To support your learning at home and your overall curriculum, please have a look at the following websites for this subject. If you need any further support or advise remember you can email and staff will reply to you, or phone you, to help you further. 

Keep up your good work - we are proud of you and are here to support you.

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