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Year 7

Pupils are thoroughly enjoying and engaging in their chemistry topics, we are investiagting different reactions in our current topic, and we have carried out lots of practical investigations to support our pupils learning which all pupils have undertaken safely.

Year 8 

We have begun to look at health and lifestyle as part of biology, which pupils are excited about. We have measured the energy content in various foods and we will calculate the energy requirements of different people whilst looking at what makes an unhealthy diet. 

Year 9 

Pupils are investigating how the uses of chemical substances depend on their chemical and physical properties. They have tested different materials to see which is the best material to be used as a coffee cup.

Year 10

In year 10 we have moved onto Unit 3: Physics and Our Universe, we are investiagting ionising radiation, how it is used and its sources. As part of their first learning aim pupils have been asked to deliver a short lesson about the uses and sources of radiation to year 11 learners of a large comprehensive school.

Year 11


Year 11 have fully completed their assignments and external examination with a pass! This is brilliant news for a cohort who started their BTEC journey during the covid-19 pandemic and with fantastic results!

We are very proud and wish you all the best for your future.

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